The Metamorphoses of Zeus conquer Psyche …the Belles of Europe are born


So first there was Princess Europe… then «Psyche»
and all the  fairytale Beauties …

Then there was Zeus, who became Taurus and … and abducted Europe
became Eagle, Lion, Panther and seduced Semele
became the Golden-green  Eagle and Mary
the Beauty and the Beast
and all the stories of the world with the enchanted princes.

This text was written on the occasion of the invitation i had for  a colloquium about
«2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage »*
our the presentation  was titled:
«The Metamorphoses of Zeus conquer Psyche …the Belles of Europe are born »
our  theme is the interaction between ancient mythology and folk fairy tales
all around Europe
similarities are eloquent…

Starting from the Greek folk tale The golden -green eagle
i found out treasures  about the world of Myths and folk tales.
Our tale exists in the popular traditions of many European countries
such as Greece, Italy, France, Germany, England, Spain

«The story comes from the myth of Amor and Psyche which Apuleius recorded,
the Myth goes back to the classic age.


But the story has the same mythological core as those of the transformations of Zeus,
in the pre-classical era such as Zeus and Semele and Zeus and Europe.


The similarities of variations of this story – in the great geographical region of Europe and over many centuries – are revealing.
The conversation of these stories with each other is a testimony in itself
for the common course of human existence
towards adulthood, amor, love, coexistence.

The symbols used by the collective consciousness
to speak of the initiation of man in adventure of life
are almost identical

 from Crete and the Abduction of Europe
to Scotland and the Black Bull of Norroway

from The Singing, Springing Lark of Grimm
to the Golden green eagle of Megas **
and the Golden Trunk of Basile in Italy

from Romario the Spring of Rose – Mary in Spain
to the  Rose – of Belle from France (La Belle et la Bete)
and to -Maria of the Golden-Green Eagle .. »

text © Paraskevi-Eva- Nedou


PRESENTATION COEFFICIENTS: Melpo Vassilikou, Marianna Erkeroglou, Iphigenia Papouli, Stefanomario Gazilas, Panos Chatzarian, Antonis Anestis, Eva Nedou

Concept, texts, organizer of the presentation, Eva Nedou

Our presentation was held by narration of excerpts of variations of this type of story in Greece, Italy, France, Germany, England, Spain,
with an excerpt from the theatrical performance of the Greek folk tale 
«The Golden  green Eagle»
- a feature of this family of fairy tales
and an extract from the ancient  Greek secretariat.


    *colloquium for «2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage »
named   «Europe from the Pillars of Hercules to  the Rioni River »
Thessaloniki, Greece



**  George A. Megas (1893–1976) was  an academician and professor at the University of Athens, with great contribution  to the study of historical folklore, folk literature, and traditional architecture in Greece.




_-_Γεωργίου Α. Μέγα | Κατάλογος Ελληνικών Παραμυθιών 3
Άννα Αγγελοπούλου – Αίγλη Μπρούσκου
Επεξεργασία παραμυθιακών τύπων και παραλλαγών  ΑΤ  300-499

-  Ελληνικά Παραμύθια Β′ – Εκλογή Γ.Α. Μέγα



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